Patio Garden – A Green Thumb Goes A Long Way

When it comes to matching passions, there is nothing like a green thumb and the desire to eat the fruits of your labor – literally.  It doesn’t take a whole lot of space either, a simple patio garden can give you quite a bounty.  Now, you may be someone who thinks that everything you touch turns to dust.  There is even hope for you.  Depending upon where you live, climate-wise, you can find patio garden designs that take into account your weather and daily sun patterns to help you come up with a viable design.

This is a great project during those months when it isn’t quite the right time to be out in the garden fully planting and tilling.  With patio gardening, you can have all you need right at your fingertips.  In fact, some people even mount their planters and pots within arms reach of the kitchen window for this expressed purpose.  Need some basil for tonight’s dinner, just open the window, clip and there you have it – fresh and organic herbs from your garden.

The whole notion of an herb garden is almost another topic entirely.  In fact, it is something that we’ve talked about on Patio Covers Place in a previous article.  This is keeping in line with the whole idea of having an edible garden growing on your patio.  You’ll need to keep in mind that if you plan on growing on a covered patio, you should keep your plant’s sun light requirements in mind.

What Else Is There To Patio Gardening?

See how organized and bountiful a patio garden can be.

See how organized and bountiful a patio garden can be.

This is a loaded question.  There is so much that is available in terms of plants and styles for growing on your deck or patio.  A patio that is at ground level and incorporated into the landscape affords you a much greater palette to work with because you have access to water in a much simpler fashion.  However, it is also quite simple to either set up a drip system style of irrigation for your deck garden.  In most cases, if you have plants and flowers in pots on your deck, you would just as soon water them with a gardening can or hose than go through the trouble of a mist system though.  The whole simplicity and flexibility of a garden in pots that can be moved is what makes a patio garden so attractive to many.

The ability to have a fresh and vibrant garden mostly year-round is an exciting idea to those who share our passion for patio living.  There are many beautiful plants and flowers that do extraordinarily well in the confines of a pot or planter out on a patio.  The ability to create a tiered look and create various ‘zones’ make patio gardens quite popular.  There is no one right way to make your little garden shine – unless of course you go all out and include some outdoor lighting to your little arrangement.  This type of attention to detail will definitely make your patio garden a stand out among friends and neighbors.

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