Patio Heaters: Floor Mounted or Table Top

There are many accessories that can make a patio a more enjoyable place to be.  If we are talking about outdoor dining, there is none better than the patio heater.  After all, you don’t want yourself or your guests feeling too cold to enjoy themselves.  An outdoor dinner party or entertaining outdoors is something that you want people to be around lounging for.  If it feels more like a walk in freezer than a cozy place with great ambiance, this includes outdoor lighting and warmth, then it will literally feel like too cold a place to be.

This is a floor-mounted patio heater.

This is a floor-mounted patio heater.

At one time, patio heaters were more available for commercial purposes and not suited well for the residential owner.  Whether it was cost, size or application, the patio heater was something you only saw at your favorite restaurant’s outdoor patio or at large outdoor events.  All this has changed with the introduction of the types of portable patio heaters we are discussing here.

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There are floor-stand styles and other table-top versions.  The typical floor-standing patio heater is capable of heating an area approximately 10-15’ in diameter.  They use propane fuel, in most cases, to burn at about 40,000 BTU throwing a very comfortable amount of heat.  They also have settings so you can control the amount of heat it is giving off.  At full high heat, a typical propane patio heater will last about 8-10 hours.

Your patio may not be that large in size, so you may not require a heater that is capable of this heat output.  For smaller applications and spaces, there is the table-top patio heater that was mentioned above.  This style is exactly as it sounds, it sits atop a table or shelf that provides more local heat to a smaller group of people.  This can give you a nicer and more cozy feel to your patio gathering.  Who knows, maybe you are just spending some time out there with your significant other and don’t need to be heating a large space.  There are no rules against both of these types of patio heaters on your patio at once.  In this way, they could act much like a patio shade and a patio umbrella do.  One provides large shade cover, one is a bit more ‘spot’ specific.  You could have the floor-stand one blasting out its heat for your whole space and find that there are little nooks and pockets on your patio that your table top heater could hit more effectively, all while saving you more in terms of fuel costs and wasted heat.

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