Outdoor Patio Ideas and Designs For Big Results

A patio is a great place to enjoy the company of your friends and family. Patio’s have that continental “al fresco” feel to them, often displaying beautiful tiles, fountains and exuberant pots with all sorts of flowers and plants. You should spend time decorating your patio to suit your taste and needs, and it is not difficult to come up with great patio design ideas. All you have to do is set yourself a budget, fire up your imagination, and get cracking!

If this is your first time, you should consider that the patio decor is as important as your interior decoration. The beginnings are sometimes hard, as you can doubt whether you are doing it correctly or not. But as soon as you start researching for patio ideas and growing flowers and various plants around the patio, your uncertainty will be rewarded. To begin with, we choose plants and flowers we would put in our backyard, so consider the type of weather in your area and the plants that easily adapt to it.

Even small patios can benefit from big patio ideas.

Even small patios can benefit from big patio ideas.

Two good outdoor patio ideas easy to implement would be to combine elements of traditional garden furniture and use this outdoor patio room as an extension of your house. This way you can create a very cozy atmosphere. Add a few paintings to the walls and enhance the “salon extended” look.

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One common option is to pursue a country style. It is such a classic theme that can be easily achieved with shabby wooden furniture, rocking chairs, flower pots, hammocks and other elements that are characteristic of the rustic decor such as barrels of wood, baskets, straw, a gourd and even a pottery wheel wagon displayed on your wall.

Another popular idea for decorating your patio is the marine theme. It can be easily achieved with wicker or rattan furniture and decorative objects that we can take from the beach ourselves, like pebbles and seashells that look beautiful when displayed on the flower pots. Add a patio umbrella if the sun falls directly around the area and scatter around a few patio heaters for the evenings to create a really warm atmosphere.

It usually works very well to have some element of contrast like a sculpture displayed in your patio; something that breaks the look and is also attractive to watch from inside the house. If your patio is small, try to have only one or two focal elements.

One of the best patio ideas I have come across is to provide a rest area with wrought iron chairs and tables. Use chair cushions to make the metal furniture comfortable. It embellishes your patio and also has the advantage of not having to worry about the furniture sitting outside. This is most certainly a plus!

When decorating your patio think of allergy sufferers in terms of the plants and flowers that grow in these rest areas. Moreover, abuse of vegetation in the rest areas can fall into the error of integrating them into the garden itself. Not a bad idea, providing that both areas should display separate and distinct personalities.

Other great patio decorating ideas you may want to implement:

– Build a swing arbor and cover it with ivy or other vines. If you already have a swing, build a pergola and put a bench underneath it.

– Place large potted plants in groups to enhance certain areas of your patio. The pots can be moved around every time you “feel like” having a change. Visit gardening stores to find the best garden decor ideas for both your garden and patio in terms of a variety of elements. In these stores you will find a great selection of decorative pots.

– Build a shelter “teepee” and cover it with a creeper with flowers. Your kids will have a place to hide and play in the garden and it will also serve as a nice pass for your under-flowers.  This is a take on the garden trellis idea.

– Choose one or two colors and use them throughout your patio. Use decorative edging to define the separation between the seedlings of the same color, or make beds with seedlings of two colors mixed. Light up the beds with low-voltage decorative lighting.

– Install a water waterfall or fountain. Use torches and lanterns to illuminate the area around the water, so you can enjoy your patio in the evenings and night time.

– Use decorative tiles, try the “ibizenco” style which is very traditional in countries like Spain. Slate gray tiles are elegant, stylish and practical in that they are very easy to clean.

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