Patio Lighting Features and Designs

When it comes to patio lighting, there are any number of ways in which you can enhance the look of your patio. This is an important point to consider. In terms of lighting for a backyard patio space, you are going to need light for both safety, but also for looks. It is one of those issues where you need form and function for the lighting of your patio space to truly fit your outdoor living lifestyle. Photo credit

What types of outdoor lighting features that are available is often more a function of the specific design ideas you have in mind. Most of the lighting options available are given a name that describes where or how they’ll be used. We’ll cover some of the more general elements of patio lights and then give you some specific ideas about what type of lights might work best for you in that scenario.

For example, if you are looking for lighting ideas for your outdoor room or similar space, then you are more likely interested in lighting for ambiance. Yes, you do need it for simple navigation as well, but you want to set a tone or mood in the space. You can utilize any number of outdoor lamps for this purpose, as well as an outdoor chandelier or more specific types of spot lights. These are just like using recessed light fixtures in your indoor rooms. They can be hidden within the rafters of most patio covers. Built this way, they can be hidden from site and provide great lighting elements that can actually help to define spaces in that outdoor room.

For large spaces, you can count on outdoor flood lights to provide the illumination. In many cases, flood lights will not give you any spot lighting features, but are more for safety and a wash of light in one area. These can be set to turn on and off with a motion sensor making them even more efficient and saving you energy. Another way to save on energy is to use either compact fluorescent bulbs or light emitting diodes (LEDs). These are both great innovations in lighting design.

Here is a close up of a rope light.

Along these same lines are things like solar garden lights. These lights also come in a variety of styles and have different options. Some are simple stuck in the ground with no wires to worry about. Other garden lighting options that utilize solar have a wired set-up for the ability to store power and send it to the lights when necessary (ie. poor weather, extended evening use, temporary dirty photovoltaic panels, etc.). Photo credit

Then, there are lighting options that are designed specifically for use on stairways or deck rails and similar applications. These deck lights go by different names, but patio string lights is one of the more popular ways of describing them. They are also called rope lights, often times. Either description gives you an idea as to what they look like. They can be very helpful both for navigation on multi-tiered decks or stairs as well as illuminating or highlighting specific rail features. Plus, they just add another dimension to the overall outdoor lighting design of your backyard space.

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