Patio Lights – Making Your Outdoor Space Sparkle

When it comes to lighting for your patio, you have many choices to consider.  These choices will be dictated by the manner in which you would like to use your patio.  For some, outdoor lighting is seen as more of an ambiance setting situation.  You’ve got spot lighting here and accent lighting over there.  This is, in fact, a great way to design your patio for evening entertaining or your own enjoyment.

So, this is another point to consider.  If you plan on using your patio for entertaining, then lighting will need to be discussed long before you even build your backyard out.  Because of the available patio lighting options, function and elegance can coexist in your outdoor space.  You don’t have to settle on an ugly ‘functional’ light that is used for making things more visible, such as food or beverage on tables and such.  Your spot lighting can be hidden between beams in your pergola.  This is where great covered patio plans come into play. It is much easier to plan for your lighting needs before or while building rather than retrofit later.  Sometimes this simply isn’t an option, but when it is, it makes life much easier.

Some Asian inspired patio umbrella lights.

Accent lighting is the next thing on your design plate.  Because patio lights come in so many styles, shapes, colors and designs, you can mix and match as you experiment.  You don’t have to feel locked in with your accent lighting.  This is where you can let your personality shine.  You can opt for a single patio light that is in the shape of a star or other whimsical design.  Then, there are the popular patio string lights.  These are usually sold in specific lengths.  Ten and twenty foot lengths are common and can be strung together, much like winter holiday lights, to create longer strands.  They come in a wide variety of styles and configurations.  You can find metal ones, holiday ones, flower or animal-shaped ones.

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If you have a special theme in mind, you are bound to find a patio string light style that will be a great match.  These can be hung beneath your covered patio or out on your deck railing.  Another popular trend is having patio umbrella lights.  These can be light strands that are specially made to hang beneath your patio umbrella or can be just be a few strands of the string lights plugged together.


Smart Solar 3730WR30 Solar Star Light String, 30 White LEDs with Star Covers

The Smart Solar 30 LED star light string is ideal for decorating shrubs, umbrellas and doorways. The 30 energy-saving white LED’s with transparent star covers are powered by a separate solar panel allowing lights to be placed in shady areas

Smart Solar 3732WR30 Solar Light String, 30 White LEDs with Crystal Ball Covers

The Smart Solar 30 LED crystal ball light string is ideal for decorating shrubs, umbrellas and doorways. The 30 energy-saving white LED’s with transparent crystal ball covers are powered by a separate solar panel allowing lights to be placed in shady areas

Tiki Head Light String Set – Luau Party Patio Lights

Great set of tiki face lights, perfect for the patio, lounge or tiki bar! Includes ten 3″ plastic lights on a 7 1/2 ft. strand. UL-listed. Light sets interconnect.

Royce Lighting RSL01-23 Indoor/Outdoor Ten-Light String Lantern Oil Rubbed Bronze

RSL01-23 Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze Features: -Ten light string light. -Available in oil rubbed bronze or fossil stone finish. -ISTA 3A certified. -Assembly required. Specifications: -Accommodates (10) candelabra bulb. -Manufacturer provides one year warranty for indoor items and three years…

3.5″ D Multicolor Paper Lantern String Lights (set of 10)

These multi-color paper lantern party string lights are for indoor use ONLY. However, you could use them in a sunroom or other enclosed outdoor patio room.

Aurora Glow – Glass Solar String Lights – Amber (Amber) (3″H x 12″W x 3″D)

Hand crafted and truly beautiful, the Aurora Glow string lights are ready to enhance your backyard. Simply string them, or wrap them around a tree or deck railing. These lights are also a great accent woven underneath an umbrella. These lights are solar powered – since they are equipped with a…

SunSetter Patio Lights

Made of tough, unbreakable Lexanu00ae these beautiful weatherproof lights take standard 60 watt bulbs (not included) for plenty of illumination for evening activities. The smoke-colored prismatic globes diffuse the light so there’s no harsh glare. They look so festive they’re great for entertaining…

Homemade Patio Lighting

You can make patio lights out of all sorts of objects found around your home.  These make very unique lights that your guests will certainly remember.  Just for an example, you can use empty soup cans with the labels peeled, then punch holes in the bottoms to hang lights in.  This will take a bit of work, but the end result will be a really endearing focal point to your patio.  This is a project that the older kids can help you out with as well.  These ideas have also been replicated at a local pizza place in town, using those large tomato cans with the labels still on and mounted over the bar area for spot lighting.  It looks great and gives a chic feel to the place.  This is not only a neat look but it also is an environmentally friendly way to recycle those old cans.

Similarly, solar patio lights are available that are friendlier to Mother Earth.  Much like their solar garden light cousins, these patio lights can be more inconspicuous.  You wouldn’t want to see a big photovoltaic cell mounted there off your patio or other backyard structure.  Also, if you plan on entertaining into the wee hours, you may lose some of the endurance and intensity that on-the-grid lighting will provide.

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