Patio Roofing Options

There are just so many options when it comes to how you can cover your patio.  You can always opt for a traditional beam-type structure, classic of the pergola style.  Or, you might opt for something a bit more modern or contemporary in scope, like tile or metal patio roofing.  If you have something that resembles a screened-in patio, then patio roof covers with plywood and shingles might be in order.  Your patio covers will be able to adopt many styles of roof all depending upon the individual structure itself.

What will make you decide on one type of patio roof over another is mostly related to the style of your home and patio spaces.  If you have something that is more free-standing, like a pergola, then the roof will most likely be nothing but the beams or possibly a lattice-style of roof.  But, don’t be fooled – these are great pergola roofing options.  These are often wooden structures, with cedar and redwood being the best choices.  Not only do they have a nice quality to work with, but they weather the elements extremely beautifully.  They do have natural defenses

This patio roof looks like a reinforced lattice style.

against premature aging, but will do much better with a wood sealer or stain.  If you like the look of the natural wood – and this is something we favor around here at Patio Covers Place – then just go with a clear sealant option.  Thompson’s, Behr and others can be found at your local home improvement warehouses that will do the job quite well.

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Another option for the free-standing patio cover, like the pergola or cabana look, is an outdoor patio roof made of tile.  These tiles are reminiscent of a Mediterranean look, but are now usually made of concrete.  The readily available nature of the cement roof tiles makes them easier to work with and more affordable in most cases.  You can still get them in a variety of shades to give the appearance of an old-world style.  This type of patio roof, combined with some stone pillars makes for a great look.

What About Metal Patio Roofing?

Similar to these construction methods, though using different materials, you could opt for a metal roof for your patio cover.  Choices for metals include things like steel, copper, bronze and aluminum.  These not only make for a unique

Here is just one type of metal patio roof made of steel.

looking roof, but can have as long a durability as any material.  These metal patio roofs often have life spans of up to 50-60 years.  Try getting that out of a traditional asphalt or wooden shingle.  It simply isn’t going to happen.  In addition to this, these metals develop a wonderful patina that just adds to the distinguished look of your patio over time.

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As discussed, there is a distinct advantage of having metal for durability, but sometimes you just need to match an existing roof line and material.  For these traditional asphalt shingle roofs or cedar shingle roofs, they are constructed in the same way as any roof on a home.  First, the joists are placed.  Next, comes the plywood.  For your home to be waterproof, a felt paper and flashing are used.  For your patio, this step may not be employed. Then, the shingles are marked, measured and nailed into place.  You would never know it was done unless you say it first yourself.  These are the basic principles and options regarding your patio roof ideas.

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