Patio Screen Enclosure Room

The sunroom is probably one of the most under-appreciated additions one could make to a home. Depending upon the available space you have and the exposure of your home, a patio room like this could quickly become your favorite room inside or out. How these rooms often take shape is by starting with some sort of patio space and converting it. It could be a porch or other covered area that lies just adjacent to the home itself. It is not common for these patio screen enclosure rooms to be free-standing like a pergola or gazebo. If you want to have that sort of structure, you’d be best served by reading about the various types of patio covers available.

Having a screened-in patio creates a perfect place to rest outdoors with the cool breezy air and not have to worry about the bugs. With the types of material that is available now, it can be installed quite quickly and look really nice. Gone are the days of the droopy screen or the torn hole where all the pesky mosquitoes come in. While it is still incumbent on any homeowner to take proper care of their screens, it is just that the materials and installation procedures are such that past issues with durability have become less of a problem. If you have children that just can’t keep their toys or screwdrivers or other sharp objects away from them, they are still prone to damage. Obvious destruction practices will never be completely unavoidable.

patio screen enclosureThese outdoor patio rooms make for great memories as well. There is a reason why porches, patio swings and benches are so popular around the home, garden and patio spaces. This is where we congregate to sit and converse or just rest our minds and eyes for a bit. The patio screen enclosure could very well be the next place you find yourself building memories in with your kids or grandkids.

As mentioned, typically these screened rooms begin with some sort of patio structure built in the first place. Whether this is a porch or ranch-style backyard patio space, the beams are usually in place already. What is required next is to simply build some more formal posts that will be spaced properly to attach the screen material to. This can all be handled by a professional by the way. You can choose to install it yourself if you are handy enough and have the time. It will still cause you some headaches the first time around, but you will get the hang of it by the end. Also, you’ll need to install the door if you plan on being able to exit through it. If it is just a room off to one side of your home that you don’t plan on exiting from, scratch the door idea. This type of room makes for a great place to enjoy more of the great weather in your local climate area. Check out some plans online and see if a patio screen enclosure is really right for your situation and needs.

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