Patio String Lights Make Great Patio Accessories

There are a variety of lighting options for patios.  It all depends on the specific type that you are looking for to help determine what you need.  In all likelihood, the various sites will display pictures of the different types of available lighting options.  Patio lighting is what we would use to describe any number of lighting options.  These could include things like deck lights, flood lights and even outdoor lamps.  For the purposes of this article, we are including patio string lights in this group.  In effect, they are simply a sub-group of this general class anyway.

The term describes what these are.  These are simply a string of anywhere between 8-10’ of lights.  They are usually are smaller bulb and wattage than a standard light bulb.  The string allows you to decorate an area or hang them to create a type of edging.  If you want to spice up an area or make it more festive looking, string lights are the way to go.  You can find string lights in a whole variety of themes.  Having a 4th of July party and want some red, white and blue lights?  No problem.  Feeling a little Asian inspired?  Go for the delicate flower shaped or paper balls.  There are also hand-blown glass and LED illuminated solar string lights.

A colorful style of patio string lights along a railing.

A colorful style of patio string lights along a railing.

In most cases, these string of lights are made to go outdoors, so you don’t need to worry about problems with the UL listing or complications with water.  What you might have an issue with is rain with the lights that have the wire frame paper wrapped decorations.  While they do have some protection on them for a light rain, leaving them outdoors for prolonged periods will cause them to simply fall apart.  The good thing is that they are relatively inexpensive.  The prices of these various quality light strings vary from the low end at  $15 USD to a more specialty style of $80 or more USD.

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A pretty unique style are the umbrella lights.  Your patio umbrella might not have its own lighting disc, like some do, so getting some of these string lights to hang from the umbrella frame can be a great look.  It can make your umbrella look a lot more ‘dressed up’ and even add that hotel style feel to your patio space.

Even if you are just thinking about adding some basic lighting to make your patio have more ambiance, these string lights can fit the bill perfectly for you.  With a few strands hanging along the edges of a pergola or cross-wise over a courtyard area, you can achieve a really nice look.  If you combine these lights with your landscape elements, you can take it a step further.  When you get into this though, you are starting to talk about other outdoor lighting options as well.  Remember, for simple but sweet patio lighting, go with a set or two of patio string lights.

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