A Gallery of Pergola Pictures for Inspiration

In the pergola pictures below, you’ll find some classic examples of what is possible in terms of design.  With the variety of pergola designs from which to choose, you may not know which one would look best in your space.  From the overall size to the materials and ‘accent features’, you may not be aware of all that is possible with these versatile patio structures.

If your patio ideas call for more of a more intimate space, then a pergola may be a great option for you.  Likewise, if you are looking for something that is more in line with today’s trend in outdoor room features, the free-standing pergola can meet these needs as well.  With some accessories and the right furniture and lighting, you will have a great space to enjoy outdoors.

A classic natural wooden pergola with bluestone paver patio surrounded by bark chip mulch and various plants.

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There are pergola plans for the novice or more experienced DIYer as well.  Some plans call for a simple post and beam design using standard lumber materials easily sourced from a local home improvement warehouse.  Here at Patio Covers Place, we are supportive of the homeowner who wishes to do their own work in the backyard.  Patio construction is a very fulfilling project – or set of projects as is more likely the case!

The more novice but capable DIYer may appreciate the construction of a pergola kit.  These include all of the plans, materials and sometimes even the hardware – including the screws!  Other kits just include the plans, pre-cut lumber and brackets.  In both cases, these kits can greatly reduce the amount of time spent planning and designing. With some pictures of pergolas, you’d be hard pressed to know if they are a custom design or built from a kit.  The nature of the simple elegance of a pergola lends itself to this feat.

Now, for the more confident homeowner, with the appropriate skills or know-how, you can learn how to build a pergola in no time.  The previous link will lead you to an article with a step-by-step process for building a pergola from the ground up.  It doesn’t include a materials list as this will depend on your own design and choice of materials as well as size dimensions.

Garden Pergola

There are a variety of terms that you’ll hear when you browse online.  While the term arbor and trellis are often used synonymously, the arbor and garden pergola are more than likely discussing the same thing.

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This is also simply a way of describing where it is.  In other words, a patio pergola is located either over your patio concrete slab or space or it creates your patio.  In this case, we’re looking at a garden with a lattice roof pergola.  This style makes for a great place to sit and take in the outdoors.

Vinyl Pergola

A vinyl pergola is typically a wooden member that is coated or covered in a vinyl material.  This vinyl is more weather resistant than wood and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.  It can look like real wood grain if it is embossed or stamped as such.  Also, it can be what covers a metal material.  Alumawood™ is a proprietary material that is used in many of the more popular patio cover kits.  These are really aluminum patio covers on steroids.  The fact that these require less maintenance than the traditional wooden pergola is what makes them such an attractive option.

Pergola Photos

Without further adieu, let’s look at some pergola photos for more examples.

This is just one (colorful) example of an attached pergola.

The classic example of a free standing pergola; this one happens to be a larger pergola with six posts.

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The lattice roof pergola comes in several styles; this one is more of an open lattice, some are spaced more closely providing more shade.

This solid roof pergola and patio combination will allow no light to come through the roof in some places.

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You can see the fiberglass roof with an additional shade cloth. Also, note that this is an attached style.

Here is a larger picture of a solid covered roof pergola. It will allow light to pass.

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Notice the pitched roof on this smaller attached pergola.

Here is an example of a pergola arbor.

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