The Pool Fence – Safety Can Be Pleasing to the Eye

There is really only one function for a pool fence and that is safety.  So, to be fair, everything else is really just a discussion about the type to get that will meet your needs and still give you the look and function you are seeking.  In times past, pool fences were optional, up to the homeowner to decide if they wanted one or not.  Now, with restrictions in many developed communities and municipalities, putting in a fence is mandatory with all new pool construction.

Past limitations only made a metal pool fence an available option.  There were also chain link style fences that had a vinyl coating to them.  There was also a time when swimming pool covers were used more for safety than heating.  In fact, there were some that claimed that they could support the weight of an elephant on them.  There is also a pool safety netting that is stretched across the top that will not allow a baby or small animal through.

The standard metal pool fence rails in black.

The standard metal pool fence rails in black.

Now, it is more common to see the vertical rail styles in various powder coated options.  Most residential pool fences must be a minimum of 5’ tall to meet code, 6’ is the standard for commercial use.  With this metal rail style, the spacing can be no more than 4” apart.  This is to prevent childrens’ heads and other animals getting stuck in the fencing, causing potential life-threatening situations.  The lure of those brightly colored pool floats can just be too much to little inquiring and inquisitive minds.

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The rails in these styles are usually 5/8” thick and often have 1” tube top and bottom members that frame the rails.  Then, there are the posts at the end of each section of fencing.  These are often 2” square tubing.  For a standard pool installation, black powder coated finish and all right angles is the norm.  For a more custom look, you can opt for decorative top and bottom pieces to be detailed with scroll work or other metal patterns.  Panel work and other curved edges can be used for a custom job as well.  You may also like to choose from a variety of powder coating colors and pool gates.

Some people just don’t like the harsh look that this creates against their swimming pool landscaping and other patio features.  a metal If this is the situation you are in, don’t worry, you can still get a very pleasing to the eye looking safety pool fence that can also be taken down with ease for cleaning or repairs or even for temporary outdoor entertaining where adults are the only guests invited.  This type of removable pool fence is the one that we have chosen as our favorite.  It may also be referred to as a pool barrier fence or something along these lines.

Patio Place Pick – The Removable Pool Fence

This is less visually cluttering and allows for easy removal when not needed.

This is less visually cluttering and allows for easy removal when not needed.

This type of pool fencing is essentially a vinyl-plastic mesh screen type material that is mounted between sturdy posts that are simply stuck into your pool’s decking surface.  It can be installed at any point, during or after construction.  In fact, with the boring tool assembly, the whole job takes less than half a day to complete in most cases, depending on complexity.  It works in a very simple fashion as well.  All you need to do is squeeze the expanding clip through the eyelet at the place where you would like the door to go and the fence is secure.  Opening for access is just as simple.  And, because it provides full coverage, no arms, legs, animals, toys or other objects can make their way through it.  This is really the future of safety pool fencing in residential applications in our opinion.  You might need to check with your local coding regulations to ensure it is an acceptable system in your area.                       Photo credit

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