Pool Floats

There are several names that we use to talk about these types of things.  Most people now use the term pool floats to describe all manner of objects used to relax in a pool.  Once upon a time, the term pool raft was more common, probably because that is all there was.  Now, because of innovation and production capabilities, we have a much wider selection of floating pool accessories from which to choose.

A classic looking pool float.

A classic looking pool float.

A pool float is really just as simple as it sounds – it is some type of device that we may use to float comfortably in the water and dream that we are slipping through the clouds.  Here at Patio Covers Place, we are all about patio enjoyment and anything that relates to it.  Hammocks, porch swings, rockers/gliders and other pool furniture on dry land and pool chairs and rafts on the water; they are all good to us.  We’re not here to judge which ones have more class or greater comfort, but we can fill you in on some of our picks and revelations.

Having said all of this, you should know that there are certain types of swimming pool floats that we do particularly enjoy.  One of our favorites is the foam pool float.  You can see some of those styles here.  There are also many styles of pool lounge chairs.  For the most part, these refer to those zero gravity and reclining chairs that have the infinite adjusting settings on them.  While these are not made to go in the pool, they are certainly great options for around one.  However, there are models of a floating pool chair that resemble these in function.  The picture you see below is an example of one of these.  The extra thing about this one, you’ll notice, is that it is motorized.  Yes, you read that right.  No more paddling to get your next cold beverage, simply use your joysticks to get back poolside.

Got an extra pool float?

Got an extra pool float?

You can still find a typical inflatable raft if that is what you seek also, of course.  Even these have made improvements in their design and functional elements to avoid going flat too soon and materials that stand up better to the harsh summer sun and pool chemicals.  There have been improvements with regard to design as well.

Several styles of floating pool chairs are ergonomically designed for better support.  You’ll find inflatable cushions in the neck and back areas, as well as reclined positions that are better for your body.  Similarly, there have been innovative breakthroughs in some foam pool float designs as well.  One of these is the simple addition of a face slot cut out of the pillow area.  This allows for you to lay face down on the float without having to twist your neck to one side – your chiropractor would be very proud of you!

Other ideas in pool flotation devices are those noodles.  These have popped up everywhere and in many shapes and forms.  Some floating chairs use these noodles as ways to give you greater flotation.  One issue with these noodle pool flotation devices is that they tend to break down with exposure to the pool chemical and outdoor environment.  So, what you will find are many little pieces and chunks of the noodles showing up in your pool skimmers and filters – not the best design.  If you want the best of all worlds, get a floating chair, it definitely is in the top of the “pool floats” category in our book.

Pool float – classic

Pool float – extra

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