Pool Furniture – A Perfect Patio Companion

The topic of outdoor patio furniture covers a wide range of types, quality, styles and prices.  Similarly, pool furniture discussions have these same elements.  The reason is that because of the various styles and prices ranges, you can find most anything you like.  Let’s start this discussion about outdoor pool furniture discussing the types first.

Because of the natural fit between outdoor patio living and entertaining and pool lounging, you might be able to get double duty out of some of your patio furniture.  Specifically, because many of the modern patio cushion designs are made to handle water absorption and drainage issues, using them poolside can be perfectly acceptable as well.  Still, there are some special styles of swimming pool furniture to speak about.

pool_furnitureFirst of all, there are chairs, pool lounge chairs and actual floating pool furniture.  Depending upon your stance on such things, those floating lounge chairs and other items made to be used in the pool might not be what you are thinking about.  These pieces of ‘furniture’ you might call rafts or some similar name.  You know the ones, made of a foam core with a plastic coating surface to them that is waterproof.  They do make great pool floats, but maybe not what you had in mind here.
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The chairs can come in a variety of things from your classic Adirondack style, that low slung-back look.  Other chairs are a bit more modern with the capability to flip back into a reclining position or rock gently.  You’ve seen the reclining ones that have the fine mesh nylon webbing for the seat material and is anchored to the metal frame using a strong nylon cord.  These are sometimes referred to as the inverters or zero gravity styles.  Typically, they sell for about $125 USD.

Still others are more like the patio furniture you might expect to find either in an outdoor room or other proper type of patio setting.  These usually look a bit larger, like an indoor chair and have some larger cushions on them.  They tend to have a more elegant look to them or at the very least, tend to be less easily moved around poolside.  Prices vary depending upon the materials and quality of cushions you buy.

Then, there are the famous chaise lounge chairs.  These are the mark of a true patio enthusiast!  You will find that teak pool furniture is very popular.  Teak has a long history of being able to withstand the conditions that the outdoors can take on furniture.  While we do appreciate its beauty and durability, teak can also be seen as a less sustainable choice as it is typically harvested from rain forest regions.  If you must have your teak (we can appreciate your tastes) try to buy some very good used furniture – this way you are not contributing to the problem and you can still get your coveted teak.

You can also find aluminum pool furniture that is wrapped in many water-resistant fabrics, from nylons to polypropylenes to canvas.  Some woods like teak and redwood are sometimes used in combination with various metals to create a nice blend and durable chair.  Finding modern chaise lounges is another option.  There are many modern designers who have taken the chaise and run with the concept.  Chairs made entirely of redwood and more have been designed.

While most commercial pool furniture is made more for durability and repetitive use, your home or patio set might not have such issues.  Hotel pools are usually stocked with the standard aluminum and nylon or rubber webbing style of chairs.  You may also find some simple plastic styles.  These are also quite functional, just not necessarily going to win you any pool patio furniture design awards.  In the end, all you need is a patio umbrella over you and some nice pool furniture under you to keep a big smile on your face all summer long.

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