Pool Gates – Safety and Peace of Mind

There are a variety of safety pool fences and devices that can keep your swimming pool a safe place to be around.  One of the many items to consider is how your pool gates function.  Some people choose to have only one gate and this is fine for a smaller residential sized pool.

If we are discussing a community or commercial pool, then having multiple access points is of more concern.  At home, in your backyard, you will find that getting a pool fence will provide much in the way of peace of mind.  With this in place, you will not need to worry every time you don’t see your child in plain site.  However, there are other times when being able to remove the fence would be convenient.  For this reason and more, we at Patio Covers Place like the removable pool fence option.  There are local contractors and dealers in your area that you should contact regarding this system.  You can learn more about them online before committing to this over a more traditional metal pool fence.

pool_gatesThere are some things to consider when buying either type of system mentioned above.  Mainly, just like how a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, your pool fence is only as secure and safe as its easiest access point.  This point of access is typically the pool gate.  While some types of swimming pool landscaping can provide some protection by keeping your children’s eyes away from the gate area, the key is to keep it locked. With this in mind, some landscapes have concrete poured that can serve as a great place to anchor your fencing as well as a gate.

Similarly, since your pool has some area of pool decking around it, this is where the installers will drill to place the poles for your pool fence posts.  Because you are only human, there are times when the gate will accidentally be left open.  You may be carrying the pool furniture or towels back to the house or you may have just forget to lock it.  This is when accidents happen.

So, how can this be avoided?  The answer is with an automatic closing and locking magnetic pool gate.  Well, more specifically, it is a magnetic switch or latch mechanism.  The gate itself is simply on an automatic hinge that closes the gate when not being held open.  This can be accomplished using a spring mechanism or special hinge.  Then, when the gate closes, the magnetic latch is activated.

These are quite simple to operate and can be opened by simply pulling up on the ‘pin’ and then pulling on the gate.  Since most gates are at a four foot tall height per building code for residential applications, small children cannot reach or operate the latch.  When your child gets older, they will be able to easily operate the latch and if you are still wanting to oversee them in and around the pool – good practice anyway – a more formal lock, requiring a key can be installed.  This next season, get back your peace of mind out on your patio and get your pool gates properly protected.

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