Pool Landscape: Do’s and Don’ts

When discussing landscape design ideas and plans, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.  If you live in a newer master-planned community, you are likely to be surrounded by landscapes that look very similar to yours.  In most cases, these are dictated by community homeowner’s associations (HOAs) and you have little control over what you can do to really make your landscape stand out.  Whether you live in a community that has regulations like this or not, you are free to make your backyard space whatever you wish.

You can choose to create a tropical oasis or keep your landscape design elements in line with your local environment.  At Patio Covers Place, we support the use of landscape materials, plants and design that take advantage of local environmental considerations to not only give your plants the best chance of thriving but also to preserve local resources.  If you live in the desert southwest, then your landscape plans should take arid conditions to heart.  That lush full green lawn you are used to ‘back east’ is not supposed to grow in the middle of the desert.  However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a beautiful green yard and patio space.

Pool Landscaping Ideas

Here is some hardscape elements; stones and a fountain feature.

There are several things to consider when you are formulating plantings ideas.  This is especially true of swimming pool landscaping.  The main reason is that both debris and run-off will affect your experience with your pool or patio space.  Without knowing it, your plants might look great in the spring or summer, only to drop all their leaves or have a big bloom of flowers that drop right into your pool.  If your pool landscaping plans don’t take these matters into consideration, you might find yourself forever frustrated by the space you spent so much time and money to enjoy.

To make sure that this doesn’t happen, look at various pool landscape magazines and online sites to research the look you want.  Then, see if those plants or those like them can be supported in your local climate.  Both water and sunlight conditions will need to be accounted for with your design.  Also, orientation of the area you wish to landscape needs to be looked at to maximize the factors that will support the long-term survival of your plants.

What About Pool Hardscape Features

While water is a must-have component to any landscape design, so is outdoor lighting.  In order to fully appreciate and enjoy your landscape features, having the right type of accent lighting is critical.  Just like having the right patio lights can highlight specific points of interest on you patio, the right landscape lighting can do the same for your pool landscape.  These things, combined with other non-living objects and materials are referred to as the pool hardscape elements.

The typical landscaping materials – plants, flowers, shrubs and trees – are all ‘soft’ in substance.  These are definitely important, as we’ve discussed here.  However, it is these hardscape features that add the punch and background off of which these other elements can pop.  Take the pool deck itself.  This area can be made of many types of materials that enhance the look of the pool area itself and provide a non-slippery surface.  Check out some pool decking ideas here.  Things like stamped concrete, concrete patio pavers and other cement finishing ideas can give your pool landscape a very unique appeal.

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