Roll Up Awnings: Easy and Flexible Patio Shading

With most types of awnings or patio shades, the main factor that is being addressed is shade.  Let’s face it, there isn’t much else that a patio awning is really supposed to do.  However, you can get shade for your patio or deck using other structures and patio accessories, so why are awnings the way to go?  This is what we will be discussing in this article.  Hopefully, you will appreciate how these roll up awnings can give you all the benefits of shade as well as some aesthetic and other additional functional benefits.

There are several styles of roll up awnings to discuss.  Like all patio accessories, it seems, there are often several names used to discuss one item.  The same is true regarding the various types of outdoor shades and awnings.  Besides finding the term spelled as one word, as in ‘rollup’ awnings, you might also see these listed as retractable awnings as well.  Many online vendors and outlets use some of these terms synonymously, so don’t be confused.

Roller Shades

How They Work
The name of these particular awnings, basically describe their function.  Roller shades work by way of a mechanical winding or rotor that simply rolls up the awning as it closes and unrolls it as it opens.  This allows you to not only control how much shade you would like to have (in some cases) but also to open or close them only when you want.

If you live in a very sunny region, you will likely have yours open much of the time. In areas where the climate is known to swing, you might want to only keep yours open when you are using your patio to avoid damage to the awnings from the elements.  This is one of the key selling points and best features of this style of awning.  The fact that they can roll up gives you the ability to keep them protected while not in use.  The metal tube into which your awning is stored does a great job of keeping them safe from water, sun, and dirt and grime.

What Kinds Are There?
The main types are the manual or motorized styles.  A manual roll up awning will have a crank handle that you simply turn to open or close your shade.  It can be locked away when not in use, so the handle is out of the way.  These are typically less costly than the motorized awnings.

The motorized awning comes in several styles as well.  Aside from them all being electrical, the differences are in how the opening or closing takes place.  You can get these to operate by way of a switch.  These would require you to turn them ‘on’ and ‘off’ to open and close them.  Then, there are motorized versions that operate by way of using a remote.  Same mechanical means of function, but with the ability to open or close them right from your chaise lounge.

Finally, there is the automatic retractable patio awning.  This one opens and closes following either a timer or can be activated by light.  In other words, you could either set it to open at the time you would normally go out to sit and close in the evening or allow the sun to open and close your awnings for you.  What ever type of style you choose, roll up awnings will certainly make your patio time more comfortable and enjoyable.

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