Rustic Lighting – Making Your Patio Glow

The patio space is a place where you can gather during many months out of the year depending upon your climate.  In the desert southwestern areas of the U.S., the patio is a favorite place for shade in the summer and great dinners and get-togethers on those cooler spring and fall nights.  Depending upon the type of decor your home and patio have, rustic lighting for your patio can make the difference between a blah patio or one with style.

With outdoor lighting, you have many options.  If you’ve ever gone into the lighting area of a home improvement warehouse, then you know how many options you have to choose from, just there alone.  There are whole stores that cater to both indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as custom orders.  The difference between rustic lights and lights are just old and deteriorating is in the quality craftsmanship that goes into them.  Some metal materials are meant to rust and take on a rustic quality to them as they patina in your outdoor space.

Still other patio lights are meant to look more polished and clean looking.  You can even have your patio cover built to hide your patio lights out of sight.  This can enhance the overall look of your covered patio or outdoor room.  Concealed lighting, like in your indoor space, is becoming more popular.  However, if you are looking into rusting lighting fixtures, then this is probably not the case for you.  You wouldn’t want to spend the money on a unique or custom looking fixture, then hide it in between your rafters or patio roof.

So, What Are Rustic Lights?

This name simply implies that special look.  As mentioned, some lighting fixtures are meant to rust or develop a type of patina from being outdoors.  Others are meant to look like they have some old world charm to them.  These would be things like old Western themes or cut-outs of wildlife images that are backlit by the light itself.  Rustic outdoor lighting could also take the form of chandeliers.

This is an antler chandelier - gives a nice rustic look to your space.

This is an antler chandelier - gives a nice rustic look to your space.

The fact is that outdoor chandeliers are becoming more and more popular.  In fact, they are showing up in all sorts of places within the home as well.  With respect to your patio, the chandelier might be one of those rustic looking antler styles.  These are typically made from a resin product cast from naturally shed antlers.

Remember that your lighting will also set the mood for the space beneath your patio.  If you have an outdoor room type of set up, then you’ll likely need a bit more light for seeing and some additional lighting for ambiance.  Rustic lighting is perfect for that ambient lighting touch to give you just the right sense of a glowing warmth.

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