Shade Sails: Styles, Benefits and Installations

Garden Shade Sail

No matter what you call them, they provide you with both great shade features as well as an aesthetic component not often found in other types of patio covers.  These shade sails will give you an entirely unique feeling to your backyard patio area.

Originally, these patio shade sails were made to provide the residents in Australia with cooler summers.  Many areas of the ‘land-down-under’ experience heat extremes like much of the desert Southwest of the U.S.  These areas find shade a premium commodity – the same is true for many homeowners who enjoy their patio living.

Sun sail shades are ideal for gardens, entryways, children’s play area, patios and pools. Constructed of high density polyethylene weave fabric, it blocks 95% of the sun’s dangerous UV rays while “breathing” to allow air to circulate and keep the environment underneath much cooler. With its breathable design it will also allow water to filter through. It is color fast and won’t rot, mildew or mold. Shade Sails can be easily attached with its corner D-Ring. This pack comes with the following attachment accessories: 3 pad eyes, 2 turnbuckles and 2 snap hooks. Assembled size is 11 feet 5 inches each side

These sail awnings come in a variety of shapes and colors and can be mounted in different ways to achieve the type of shade you seek.  Colors may include: tans, greens, blues, yellow, red and even purple.  In the most common scenario, triangle shade sails are mounted between three fixed points.  The awning or sail canopy material, itself, can be made of nylon or canvas and trademarked fabrics, like Sunbrella and Coolaroo.  These newer, patented fabrics are typically longer lasting, with UV-resistant properties versus their canvas awnings counterparts.

Your ordering a 16.5 ft triangle shade sail. The shade sail offers a comfortable, attractive and stylish solution to beat the heat in your outdoor living area. Don’t let the dangerous UV Rays prohibit you from enjoying the outdoors. Protect your family, friends and guests with this nice sized Shade Sail. Shade Sails are architecturally attractive and add a new dimension to your outdoor living. Their unique shapes and flexibility let you create interesting and unusual angles in patios, gardens, entryways and childrens play areas. The shade sail can be mounted virtually anywhere that shade is desired. The sail is made from high quality 160g/m2 polyester material with PA coating (90% UV block). An ideal application for stringing between trees for shade in the backyard (especially for youngsters with sensitive skin).

The triangular shaped sails are followed closely in popularity by the square sail.  Both come in pre-made sizes or you can order custom sizes to meet your unique patio, backyard or other space needs.  You’ll want to ensure that the hardware used to hang and mount your sails to is resistant to rust and damage from high tension.  These sails do not flap in the wind, they are tightened quite taught.

Coolaroo square shade sails have many different uses from cooling the backyard patio to shading the kids play area to keeping the horses, dogs, goats and other four legged friends cool and out of the sun. The unique Coolaroo fabric provides up to 90% UB block and the woven fabric allows air flow that reduces the underneath temperature up to one third. The combo pack comes with the following attachment accessories: 4 pad eyes, 2 turnbuckles and 2 snap hooks. Assembled size is 11 feet 10 inches square. The fabric has a 10 year warranty against UV degradation.

Waterproof Shade Sails

The nature of some of these sails to resist water is one of their best features, when needed.  These waterproof shade sails are best for applications for swimming pool covers (indirect), playground areas, watered backyards and deck areas and for marine use – like over boats – in a dock.  In many cases, the same trusted Sunbrella name provides the waterproof and UV-ray resistance at a 98% blockage rate.  This rate of sun ray blockage varies among patio shades.  Most typical shade sails offer a 70% blockage.

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