Solar Patio Umbrella | Solar Umbrella

There are many reasons why you might find the solar patio umbrella such a great idea for your patio space or poolside cabana.  For that matter, you could even plop this patio umbrella next to your chaise lounge and enjoy the same type of shade you would get from any other standard umbrella.  Okay, so what is so special about a solar umbrella and what is it?

This is a newer product, one of many that is coming to the market as more and more people realize the benefits associated with solar power and solar energy.  The patio is a great place to capture the available sun and utilize it in a way that makes your home something of a more environmentally friendly place to live in.  We’ve talked about how the solar patio cover can take advantage of space on your patio roof area that would otherwise be ‘wasted space’.  Well, this umbrella works with a similar philosophy in mind.

Specifically speaking, this solar umbrella gets its name from the fact that it has a solar cell, a photovoltaic panel, mounted to the top of the pole.  When your umbrella is open, you don’t even see this collector from below.  From the side you can, but it is hardly noticeable as a little dish-like unit just above the umbrella’s canopy.  The panel itself is made of durable material that is weatherproof and designed to take the intense heat and sun exposure that you want.

After a day of charging in a full day’s sun, the unit provides the power to run the lighting below.  Along the underside of the canopy material are the LED lights.  Some models can have anywhere between 20-30 of these white LED lights.  With a full day of charging the rechargeable Ni-Mh battery, these lights can be powered for 6 – 8 hours.  Since LED lights are more energy efficient, they last longer than a standard halogen or incandescent and don’t heat up either.

Don’t worry about wires or noise with these patio lights.  In fact, since these patio umbrella lights are solar operated, you can move that umbrella wherever you like and have the convenience and function afforded by the LEDs.  This is the reason why this same technology is making solar garden lights so popular as well.  For under $100 USD and standing at just about 8’ tall, this solar patio umbrella will make a great addition to any patio décor.

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