Solar Shades – A Great Help To Your Patio Comfort

In an attempt to get the most shade we can from our patio spaces, we have invented all sorts of blinds, shades, screens, covers and shutters.  You name it and we’ve built it in our efforts to get more time available to comfortably enjoy the space on our patios.  To be clear, we here at Patio Covers Place didn’t invent things like these solar shades, we are just happy that someone did.  And, the materials and functionality of the types available continue to grow.

Now, before you get too confused about what a solar shade is exactly, it depends in part on what you are looking for.  Technically speaking, any shade or blind could be considered a ‘solar’ one.  After all, they are all intended to block the harsh sun and provide a cool place to rest and relax.  In this sense, even an exterior shutter could be classified in this category.  Classically, the term has referred to those shade screens that consist of a fine mesh, through which only small amounts of light will pass.  You can see through them, so they are not really blackout blinds.  These are great for enclosed patio or sunrooms.  Other types of outdoor shades are designed specifically for your outer patio covered area.

Solar shades can be fabrics or this more modern and 'green' take.

Solar shades can be fabrics or this more modern and 'green' take.

Solar window shades are by far the most common way to provide for comfort inside your home.  They usually take the form of that fine mesh we mentioned that can either be fixed in place – solar screen shades – or can roll down to cover your window at specific times of your choosing.  These solar roller shades can be operated with a manual cord mechanism or can be motorized.  And, in fact, the motorized versions can even open and close using a switch, timer or solar sensor.  The last of these, the sensor, operates much like a night light in your bathroom or hallway.  When the sun comes up and begins to hit the sensors to trigger your solar shading, down they come to keep your space cool.

This same type of technology has been employed for your outdoor shades as well.  In fact, these automatic solar shades are the ones that seem to provide the least hassle and most convenient way to get that level of comfort you are seeking from your patio space.  You’ve probably seen or been places that employ not only patio shades, but those patio misters as well.  These mist systems supply your patio with a cool water mist that can lower the temperature of your patio by up to 30 degrees F according to certain manufacturer statistics.  When you combine a great solar shade set up with these misters, you can actually have a very comfortable space, even in the middle of desert summer.

The types of patio sun shades that you can get fixed on to your windows for your home claim to block out as much as 90% of the suns UV rays.  This is great not only for temperature control within your home, but also for protection of your indoor furniture and carpeting.  It is well known how the effects of ultraviolet light affect fading and premature aging of fabrics exposed to the sun.

This knowledge is what has led companies like Sunbrella™, a leader in this area, to develop a solar shade fabric that resists UV fading.  These solar fabrics have made not only shades more resistant, but also patio awnings, patio blinds even patio cushions have benefited.  The same technology is available in all of these outdoor products as well.  So, whether you are looking for a manual style, motorized style or a combination of both, outdoor solar shades will get you out on your patio where you belong more of the time and in greater comfort at that.

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