Attractive Sunroom Designs That Are Just As Comfortable

When you’re looking for the perfect blend of summer sun and more livable space to enjoy in your home, the sunroom makes a great space to consider.  Whether these sunroom designs are a more custom built project or they are as simple as retrofit sunroom kits that you can install in an existing patio space, the options for you to create a nice sitting area are wonderful.

In case you’re wondering, one thing that distinguishes the sunroom from an enclosed patio is the use of glass.  The whole point with sunroom ideas is to “let the sun shine”…just like the song!  Sunroom windows are specially designed to keep the space cool and allow light to pass.  Similar in design to those used for greenhouses or conservatories, these windows make a huge difference to the comfort level felt within the room.  If you’ll be building your own sunroom, this is a big consideration to keep in mind.

Sunroom Windows

sunroom window

As you can see, these sunroom windows will allow quite a bit of sunlight to fill your space. You know it will be warm. The key is to use efficient windows and insulation to ensure your sunroom is as comfortable as possible.

As mentioned, there are windows and there are windows.  If you truly want your sunroom to be comfortable, this means energy efficiency.  While wooden and aluminum metal window frames and construction are the most common, there is a better option to examine – polyvinyl choride (PVC) windows.  This material has some distinct advantages over wood, metal and even other vinyl options.

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In the best of the best, you’ll find environmentally friendly polyurethane foams used.  Polyurethane foam-filled extrusion windows have been shown to provide superior insulation.  Combine this with a type of frame assembly known as fusion welding in the joints and what you end up with is a nearly air tight window assembly – just what you want!

One more place where the air can leak in is around the window assembly itself.  If you’re doing this insulation yourself, make sure to use a proper weather stripping.  If you have a contractor doing the work, ask them to tell you what level of protection they use in terms of the weather stripping.  Some companies and contractors skimp on these most important elements.  There’s almost no such thing as over-kill when it comes to these insulation features.

Finally, the type of glass you select is important.  Low-E glass is a good step.  However, as the technology continues to evolve, more products have come to market that go further than just having a single special coating.  Now, there are triple layers and more, combined with Argon gas-filled space to give these windows the best energy efficiency properties to date.  You’ll enjoy warmer winters and cooler summers with these higher end products.  If you prefer quality and plan on staying in your home, then the investment in the windows for your sunroom will be well worth it.

Sunroom Furniture

Just as with our discussion of front porch designs, the furniture you use is part of the design process and decor.  In fact, some people will design the room around their favorite sunroom furniture.  These pieces could include things like Adirondack chairs, chaise lounges and other comfortable outdoor patio furniture that is as inviting and comfortable as it is attractive.

If you choose to make yours more of an outdoor room, then you’ll have to consider the type of flooring, tables, rugs and lighting that you’ll include.  If your room is fully enclosed, you can use more exotic hardwood flooring options.  One of the more popular and trending flooring styles is using exotic woods, like Ipe, redwood or teak.

Sunroom Ideas

Some of the more common sunroom ideas include wooden, vinyl or even aluminum designs.  These can all be used to create great game rooms, patio rooms, a home office, garden or even a spa or exercise room.  It is also possible to create an outdoor kitchen or dining area – all enclosed, of course.  These are just some ideas to consider.

Pictures of Sunrooms

Below, you’ll find different pictures of sunrooms with a variety of designs and ideas for how they might be used for your home.  Enjoy!

sunroom designs_addition

This is the 'before' picture of a sunroom addition. This extension provides a great space, even though you can tell how large it is.

sunroom designs_sunroom addition

This sunroom addition added a fairly significant amount of usable square footage. Notice how the design kept it in theme with the rest of the home.

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sunroom designs_small space

This sunroom took advantage of a small space and utilized some built-in seating/beds to create a very functional and contemporary space.

sunroom designs_insulation

One of the keys to a comfortable sunroom is making sure that it is insulated well enough. Unless you buy or build one from a kit, this step will keep your space much more comfortable.

photo credit photo credit

sunroom designs_sunroom windows

This modern sunroom design is characterized by these efficient windows and exit to the patio.

This sunroom was integrated into a two-story design. There are other solar features used with this home, too.

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