Swimming Pool Covers – Heating or Safety

With a swimming pool, there are a lot of issues to consider.  Many people overlook or simply don’t know of the costs of maintaining a pool.  Then, once you have your pool installed, you will want it to look nice and fit naturally into your backyard space.  With the right swimming pool landscaping, you can achieve a nice blend in with your patio space.  You also need to consider the type of pool fence you will have installed as safety and aesthetics are both concerns to think about.

Similarly, swimming pool covers have several components to consider.  Depending upon what you plan on having your cover for, your choices could be drastically different.  Some are looking at pool covers because they need to have it as a safety measure with young children around.  In some municipalities, pool fences are required or special locks on doors leading to a patio need to be in place.  Other people have heating of their pool as their main reason for looking into a pool cover.

Safety Pool Covers

A safety pool cover will have different characteristics and selling points.  The pool cover that you buy for safety will need to either completely prevent a child or animal from being able to enter the water, or will make it impossible for their bodies to be submerged.  Let’s clarify this point a bit.  Some pool covers are a mesh-like material.  These would allow a child’s foot or arm to reach through and may even cause them to be stuck in the cover.  However, it will not allow their head or body to fit between the mesh pattern.

Other styles have a track and rolling mechanism that make it virtually impossible to even see water through the cover.  These can be motorized or hand crank style of covers.  Some of the more robust pool covers, like Loop-loc,  can support the weight of an entire family – even a baby elephant – without allowing any water to leak out or through.  Secondarily, with this type of cover, you will also benefit from some heating properties.  By the very nature of how the cover fits over the pool, your pool will be warmer.

About Pool Heating Covers

Typically, we are talking about solar pool covers.  These work by way of trapping in the heat and allowing the sun to do all the work.  It takes a lot of energy to heat water.  The warmer you want your pool, the more it costs.  Having the sun heat it for you costs nothing, besides the cost of the cover.  If you get a simple ‘bubble’ type cover, you can spend as little as $50-150 USD.  Will this work as great as a pool-heating unit, of course not.  Will it cost you hundreds of dollars a month to run, absolutely not.  These bubble covers work as a type of insulating layer, keeping evaporation down to a minimum and allowing the water to continue to retain that heat.  Decide what type you are looking for, then go find the best swimming pool covers to meet your needs.

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