Swimming Pool Covers

The main thing to understand about swimming pool covers is that they serve essentially one main purpose, the second is almost an additional bonus.  Let’s discuss what pool covers actually do and you will be able to appreciate the benefit of having one. Now, before we get to that, understand that if you are not looking to make your pool any warmer, a cover can still save you in terms of costs and cleaning time.

As just alluded to, a swimming pool cover is really meant to help heat your pool.  There are solar pool covers and systems and other more energy intensive systems that one can buy that will do the ‘heavy lifting’ so to speak, when it comes to raising the temperature of your pool.  A cover like this is meant to keep a specific aspect from affecting your drop in pool temperature.

A great shot of a swimming pool cover catching a fall leaf.

A great shot of a swimming pool cover catching a fall leaf.

The main thing that a pool cover is intended to do is help warm your pool.  Plain and simple.  Now, depending upon your type of cover, it may also help with keeping debris out as well from your swimming pool landscaping.  I wouldn’t worry so much about this fact, unless you have a real issue with clogged pool skimmers and equipment.  In this case, a simply plastic cover might be your best bet.

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There are also some covers that are designed for safety.  These types of safety pool covers, are made with a different intent.  Some of these styles are a mesh or netting type of thing that stretches over the surface of your pool.  It will not stop leaves or other debris from entering, but it is meant to stop small children and animals from drowning.  Sometimes, a pool fence is left open and that pool float is just too enticing an object to avoid for the little ones.  Tragically, many children drown each year because of accidents that could have been avoided.  Other safety covers are like large tarps that are motorized and drawn across one end of the pool to the other.  Some of these claim to be able to support the weight of a baby elephant.  This one will also help to retain heat in your pool.

When we talk about what it takes to heat a pool, we need to consider sources that would otherwise rob your pool of its heat.  We could call these things heat sinks.  These would include things like the ground and air temperature.  These will actually draw heat out of the water.  Another factors that affects pool temperatures is wind.  As you may notice, all of these factors relate to the greatest threat to pool temperature which is evaporation.  You’ll realize that a pool safety cover made of netting will not help you in this regard.

The simple vinyl covers, with the addition of a bubble layer are quite effective at raising pool temperatures.  Because it takes a lot of energy to heat water, the larger your pool and the greater the chance of evaporation, the more it will cost.  At Patio Covers Place, we believe in a sustainable way to enjoy your patio and backyard outdoor living, so saving energy is  a great idea to us.  We would prefer to see things like the swimming pool solar covers used more often.

If you plan on enjoying your pool for a longer season or simply enjoy a warmer one, investing in some type of pool cover is a great idea.  With the various options for getting your pool covered, there is likely one particular style that you will find beneficial.  Pool covers also reduce the costs required to maintain your pool.  With a cover, you will retain water that may be lost to evaporation, reducing by up to 30-50% the amount of refill water necessary.  In addition to this, you will require less in terms of pool chemicals and cleaning maintenance.

Some covers are manual and others are automatic.  The simple bubble style or even vinyl covers are often rolled up on large drums then manually pulled out over the pool.  The bubble style will typically cost you less but only last a few seasons.  The more durable vinyl and other motorized systems can cost substantially more, but will give you a much longer lifespan.  In terms of cost, you can expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $150-350  USD for one of these recommended simple insulated vinyl type mentioned.  If you are thinking about the more durable and motorized options, think $2,500-4,000 USD for these swimming pool covers.

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