Swimming Pool Landscaping Ideas

As it turns out, there are as many great ideas for pool landscaping as there are for any other type of backyard or garden designs.  The only difference really is in determining what will work best as far as growing, debris and look for your particular pool area.  Your swimming pool landscaping will be best enjoyed if it is not an endless hassle to keep out of your pool.

This seems like an elementary point, but you might not know how a plant, shrub or other tree behaves when it is out of season from when you purchase it.  You may fall in love with the colors of the flowers or like the shade that the leaves provide only to be disappointed when you find them plugging up your pool skimmer every other day.

This type of swimming pool landscaping is not available in all climate zones.

This type of swimming pool landscaping is not available in all climate zones.

The point of having a pool is to be able to enjoy it.  The last thing you want to be hassled with is having to clean all your great landscaping ideas out of your pool time and again.  Sure, you could hire someone to do this or get one of those swimming pool covers, but it will still affect the performance and function of your pool equipment.  Your best bet would be to plan your pool landscaping ideas with respect to your climate and local conditions.

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You can see a lovely tropical setting happening in your backyard patio, with your outdoor fireplace, sitting on your chaise lounge listening to some great tunes, melting the night away.  The only problem is, if you live in a desert or more frost-prone climate, your tropical paradise oasis will quickly turn into a deserted island in the Sahara.  If you don’t match your landscaping to your climate, it will never survive and grow to be what you’d like.

With this in mind, keep native species in mind.  Native plants will do much better because, as their name implies, they have adapted over thousands of years to tolerate the weather conditions in your area.  Aside from this, they will likely bloom and go dormant at the times that would best suit your swimming season as well.  A term that is used for this type of use of native plants and thinking of natural water conservation is called xeriscape.  Xeriscaping can allow you to grow many different species of plants with minimal water use.  We are big fans of not only sustainable products and materials here at Patio Covers Place, but sustainable landscaping as well.  This is a wonderful option for swimming pool landscaping.

Let’s take the desert southwest, for example.  There, you can find structures that could shade your backyard, patio and pool landscape as well.  And, you can also have access to all the water you want – even though using it on landscaping can be considered a slightly irresponsible use of natural resources.  However, you could grow any number of plants and non-native species.  They would require excessive work and also force you to spend more time on them than enjoying your patio or pool.  Desert plants can have a wide variety of color and flowers that can bloom nearly year-round, depending upon species.

Hardscape Elements

swimming pool landscaping

This pool landscaping is highlighted by a stamped concrete pool deck and multi-colored gravel with a simple, repeating plant pattern.

There are also ‘hardscape’ features to consider.  In our example here, the plants and trees would be considered the landscaping, while the hardscape could include things like the rock, flagstone or patio pavers you intend to lay, creating some sort of path or walkway.

Great strides have been made in patio concrete designs as well, giving you the ability to paint, stain or stamp concrete in a way that can mimic any natural material.  We’ve written more extensively on this topic elsewhere in our ‘Patio Designs’ category if you’re looking for more specific help in that area.

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Your outdoor lighting is also something to consider.  Since we were talking about sustainability earlier, let’s continue that theme with a solar discussion for your lighting.  Things like solar garden lights are a great way to conserve energy and place points of interest in and around your swimming pool landscaping.

How far you want to go with your landscape designs is really up to you.  The ideas and material choices are essentially endless.  You can go for a more rustic look and add a nice looking patio cover to go poolside or go with something much more finished in its appearance.  Your patio furniture and other outdoor accessories are all part of your overall design as well.  Matching your outdoor fabric choices to blend in with your landscaping is a nice touch.

Let’s not forget to mention pool safety as well. While not necessarily your first consideration when planning your landscaping, but nonetheless important.  In many areas of the country, a pool fence is mandatory now in newer construction.  There are styles that are less obstructive to your visual line of sight, so they make great choices here.  The last thing you want is for your pool fence or other equipment to take away from your swimming pool landscaping design you worked so hard to create.

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