Trellises – A Garden Favorite

There are some interesting points of interest in any patio or garden space.  One of the ways that you can highlight these are with the use of trellises. As you know, a trellis is simple structure that helps certain garden plants or vines to have support as they grow.  These are great because not only do they lend this helping hand to your plants or flowers, but they add another dimension to your outdoor space.  A trellis design can be simple or more complex.

Trellises are sometimes used just as mounting places along walls, so they are fairly two-dimensional in some regards.  If you want a more three-dimensional or overhead type of structure on which your plants, flowers and vines can grow, then you are looking at getting an arbor.  Some of the features of an arbor and trellis are quite similar – so the terms are often confusing.  And, in fact, sometimes these terms are used interchangeably.

Here, a homemade trellis wall was made with twigs to create nice piece.

Here, a homemade trellis wall was made with twigs to create nice piece.

To make matters worse in the confusion department, there are pergolas as well.  A pergola is usually a four post and beam structure that is used as a patio cover or other decorative element over a walkway or path. 

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Because arbors are also used in this way, these terms are often used to describe one another.  In many cases, a garden arbor is what you’ll hear to describe the structure that goes over your garden gate or entrance to a patio area.  An arbor can also be found as a stand alone structure in the center of a garden or patio space, much like a sentinel as a decorative element.

As far as materials used, all of these structures – including the trellis – are usually made of wood.  Some great choices include redwood and cedar.  At Patio Covers Place, we are big cedar fans.  This is because this wood has great outdoor qualities for wear and durability as well as its weathering properties that give it a beautiful silvery gray appearance.  In addition to this, cedar can be harvested in sustainable ways, making it a great choice for the environment as well.  Redwood is another fine choice for looks and weathering outdoors.

There are other uses for trellises besides simple support members for plants.  You can also use one to create some ‘walls’ in your garden or patio space.  If you use a smaller trellis of about 3-4’ tall that is rectangular in shape, it can be mounted into the ground to create separate spaces or ‘rooms’.  This is a nice feature, because it will add another dimension to your environment there.

We discussed that most of these structures are made of wood, but there are metal and other materials available as well.  In fact, vinyl is a popular outdoor material.  These can be found in various colors as well.  While plastics and other materials like these are not as eco-friendly, if they are used for long periods, they do have some value over more quickly discarded materials.  Once again, your needs and design ideas regarding your patio space will help dictate the materials and styles of garden structure you choose, whether that is an arbor or a combination of trellises.

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