What Are Covered Patio Designs?

Many people these days with a home find that they wish to extend the amount of living space available to them. An obvious way of doing this is by maximizing the amount of usable area that is outside of the house, and an area that is receiving a lot of attention in this respect is a patio. This is where covered patio designs come in to focus.

The reason why patio cover plans are important is that to enable a livable, even workable space, consideration needs to be given to what needs to be covered. What is the climate like? Is there likely to be a lot of entertainment and gatherings there? How often is the area going to be used? All of these questions can and will influence the final decision on what the cover will look like when it is finally constructed.

Construction usually takes the form of either an open or enclosed structure, with a roof.   This patio roof, depending upon how it is designed can function as pure shade cover or provide a bit of mixed shade and sun, the perfect combination for plants below.  There are many variations on the theme and there are lots of varieties of hybrid structures that can combine both methods.  An area that is open for when the weather is beautiful and plants are flowering, and an area that is more sheltered so that the patio is still usable – even when conditions could be a little better.

As can be seen, there are so many different and varied patio cover ideas that it becomes vitally important to start the search by coming up with some needs and wants. The first of which should be, what is going to be the primary use of your patio cover. Is a lot of time going to be spent out there? If so, possibly a large cover would be suited. What material is the home made out of? It would look a tad awkward having a beautifully constructed brick design next to a mostly wooden home.  However, it is quite possible that this mix could work, given the proper planning and design.

By asking these sorts of questions, it becomes possible to envisage how the final design will turn out. Warm climate most of the year round? Then perhaps open patio cover designs are what are needed. Are you going to be doing lots of entertaining during the nighttime in a variable climate? An enclosed cover could be called for.  Likewise, if your weather is prone to a lot of rain or other weather, then you might opt for a covered patio that is simply an extension of your home’s roof.

Certainly, covered patio ideas start flowing thick and fast when a little bit of thought is given to what role they will ultimately play in the living area!  The main aim of covered patio designs is to find the best example of what is needed so that more time can be spent outdoors! Just think about all the fun and relaxation that will take place in the future when the cover is up.  Enjoy the design process as it comes to life for your new patio!

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