What Are Your Patio Cover Plans?

Have you ever browsed through any custom home or architectural magazines and wondered how they got those amazing looking homes?  Well, if you think about it, they are nothing more than the same materials (mostly) that the rest of us have access to.  It’s just in the way that they are put together and made to look exotic.  Take for example the amazing decks and patios that you see in those magazines.  Maybe you’ve even done some online browsing, searching celebrity home sites and the like.  In any case, you’ve probably seen those amazing outdoor covered patios that look like some kind of resort or island get away.  How do they get such amazingly elegant looks to them?  Well, first of all, they have great patio cover plans.  Okay, let’s not fool ourselves, they do cost some money too.  But, it’s mostly because of who builds those patios, not because of the patio itself.  Many times, their patio covers are nothing more than wood or some properly placed metal elements, with great lighting and some fabrics to make them appear like a poolside cabana for royalty.

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Patio Cover Designs and Ideas

Often, what gives such an elegant look is what they leave off as much as what they are made of.  For example, the wooden beams that can cover the patio or deck, depending on where it is built, can provide just the right amount of shade, while letting just enough sun in to grow beautiful plants or climbing vines.  When these plants become more mature, they crawl all over these covered patio structures and look like some old-world Mediterranean or Spanish villa.  The posts that support the patio cover may be made of concrete, stone or even more expensive and exotic marble or limestone.  While these may be for the lifestyles of the rich and famous now, it’s really all that was available hundreds of years ago in many cases.  The point is, you can still capture the essence of these more expensive patio cover designs because of the plethora of man made and cultured materials these days.  The popularity of the outside room has made this type of patio easily accessible to all.  With a very modest budget, you can create quite a nice look.

Rustic Patio Covers Can Be Elegant Too

Patio designs range from rustic to refined.  Rustic appearances can be achieved by using newer materials manufactured to look old.  Some patio cover kits are sold this way.  These can also be made of newer cement block post structures that are covered with cultured tumbled stone facing material.  These appear like the posts are made of stacked rocks that support a nice wooden top or even a metal roof.  The pillars can also be finished smooth and have a Venetian plaster look to them creating quite a refined old-world style.  When you add lights, some awnings and patio canopies you’ve got an area that you and your guest will enjoy to relax and even dine under.

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