Why Should You Choose Concrete Outdoor Planters?

You do not have to have a green thumb to take pride in your garden. One of the best ways to maintain your outdoor space is to install outdoor planters. In fact, planters can provide you with the necessary space to create your own patio garden or a place to grow your own herbs.  When you are choosing planter boxes and containers, you need to consider your exterior design and what boxes with compliment the design.

The design, shape, size and material are all considerations for any planter box. Understand what makes concrete planters unique and what you should consider when you are investing in a concrete cast planter and you’ll be pleased with the transformation of your patio or garden space.

The Advantages of Choosing Concrete

When you first hear the word concrete, you may think about an industrial or urban looking appearance. Many homeowners shy away from concrete garden planters because they assume it is not aesthetically pleasing. Concrete can be stained and painted to compliment any exterior design. These planters also come with embellishments so you can make an organic statement in your garden with only your planter box.

Read through the benefits of choosing concrete over wood, metal, vinyl, and other synthetic materials and you see why they make a great choice.  We’ve seen them placed at the base of the posts for pergolas and other patio covers, giving the space much more of a presence or ambiance.  While not permanent, they can help make for a lasting impression.


Concrete is a very durable material that will last for ages. Plastic and wood planter boxes may show signs of aging and fading within months of installation. Concrete planters, however, will retain their shape and their structure for years so deterioration from UV light or weather is not a concern. They are heavy and provide a great anchor point in your landscape design.

eco-friendly planter

Here is a nice eco-friendly choice.

Eco-friendly planter options using a mix of concrete and glass and other recycled or re-purposed materials can make for an aesthetically pleasing appearance that’s ‘green’ too.  This always puts a smile on our face here at Patio Covers Place.  Some of these mixed-media planters are also a bit lighter than using solid concrete.  You can also go with some silk greenery which will give a more maintenance-free option that uses no water.

Weatherproofing your Garden

If you live in an area with adverse weather, concrete cast planters may be the perfect choice. They can stand up to heavy rain, snow, and direct sun contact without being damaged. Most planters will diminish in quality if there are sudden changes in temperature. The concrete applications do not crack, fade, or swell, as other applications do. If you want to provide your plants with the best possible protection, the best way to do that is to install a concrete box. The wall barriers provide natural insulation for the root of your plants so they can thrive amid the cold winter.

A Variety of Design Options

LARGE CONCRETE PLANTERS Square Planter Concrete planters provide a versatile, attractive & maintenance-free outdoor architectural solution. Ideal for various environments including malls, office buildings & complexes, campuses and more. Designed as garden planters or park planters, these concrete planters add to the aesthetics of a facility or large home. Made using one piece, pre-cast concrete with welded rebar reinforcement. Beautiful exposed stone aggregate finish. Rounded elevated bottoms with drain holes prevent trapping of leaves and debris. Edges are beveled to prevent chipping. Heavy-duty concrete prevents theft and stays put. Concrete components are tested to stand up to 6000 psi.


Planter boxes are not one-size-fits-all. When you are shopping for a box, you need to consider the architecture of your home so you can make the best investment. Concrete cast planters come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. You can find concrete cast in anything from a rectangular box to a oblong shape that is customized for your garden area. If you are shopping for planters, you can browse styles and sizes in your local gardening store to get an idea of what is available. You can request a personalized cast if you are looking for a specific color, shape, and style. You may also want to review the embellishments that are available when you are browsing the inventory.

If you want to add a new design element to your outdoor space, choose a planter that will serve a number of functions. Planters can be both stylish and functional.  They’ll keep your plants thriving and create a great surround for your patio or garden setting.  Such a small investment can make a big difference by transforming your outdoor space.

You can install one or two small planters or a very large cast planter with the right sculptural detailing. If you want a custom planter, make sure you explain exactly what you want to the designer so they can turn your vision into a reality. Make your garden a focal point using live plants or the silk flowering trees mentioned above and by selecting the right planter box. Once your concrete outdoor planters are in your space, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

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