Add Some Wind Spinners to Your Patio or Garden

Leaves flutter in the passing breeze, and the wind wind spinners whirl, the wind chimes tinkle, bong or clack, and the flags and wind socks float. All that activity caused by a simple breath of wind. How cool is that? And that is just your yard. Image if everyone had these beautiful embellishments in their yards too! Well, maybe not. Way too much noise and roving glints of light. So, you be the neighborhood’s supreme yard and have these things, and let everyone else marvel at it yours.

Wind spinners, laser cut from lightweight metals like aluminum, are also coated in rhodium or other materials that give them an iridescent and colorful finish. Copper and steel are also great choices for these metal styles.  Metal wind

A variety of wind spinners on display.

spinners are quite the eye catchers, even when not moving. You can get them with outdoors motifs like jumping bass fish, patriotic themes like eagles and flags, or in just interesting geometric shapes. The outer shape is repeated inside in concentric rings except at the central spine, and the vanes formed by this are bent slightly out of alignment. The process gives the wind spinner a three dimensional effect and the open spaces allow the wind to pass through. These vanes make the wind spinner spin in a more controlled way then leaving the shape uncut would. If uncut, the shape careens in all directions in even a moderate wind, as the flat sides are hit broadside. The gaps cut in a wind spinner allow the same shape to spin with some sideways motion, but most of the winds energy goes into the spin.

Added to nylon flags and wind socks that do not fade with exposure, you can make your yard a dazzle of color. With a slight breeze, all that color starts to move and the effect is amazing. Fortunately, after a little while the birds and local fauna get used to the movement, and it will not scare them off after a couple of says. No using these fun items to keep the squirrels away. Drat!

These attractive objects are not unlike gazing balls or garden globes in the way that they bring an extra splash or pizzazz to your garden space.  You can hang your wind spinners and other wind toys near your hummingbird feeder to your yard or patio and make it shine, and spin, flap and flutter.

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