Wood Chipper Shredder

There are a variety of ways that you could get better soil for your garden or planting beds.  One way is to buy pre-mixed material that will already have the proper ratio of nitrogen and other nutrients in it.  This is the safest bet for the new gardener.  This will ensure that you get the right balance and proper nutrition for a wide variety of plants, vegetables or flowers.  The other option would be to go with an organic mix that you create using a compost heap.

Compost is nothing more than a mix of non-animal-based food scraps and a mix of ‘green and brown’ materials to create a rich, organic mix for great plant nutrition.  You can mix this compost with some pre-mixed material or potting soil to get the process started.  The beauty of this is that it is an all-natural way of creating organic mix material for your plants.  The nature of the compost is such that it creates heat as it breaks down these organic compounds into smaller and smaller pieces and eventually dirt.  This heat kills off potentially harmful organisms and ‘contaminating’ seeds, while allowing other microorganisms to survive.  You are really doing nothing more than contributing to the way that Mother Nature works in the first place, so it should be no surprise.  The main benefit of composting is that you can recycle, in a way, your vegetable scraps, peels, grass clippings, leaves, and even things like newspapers, coffee grinds and egg shells.  There are proper proportions to use in order to get your compost to decompose properly, but that is for another article.

wood chipper shredderWhat we want to address here is using a wood chipper to break down larger tree clippings, fallen branches or even to recycle Christmas trees during that time of year.  You can use a chipper to create your own ground cover for different types of landscaping.  This will keep more moisture in and around your plants and trees allowing you to save water.  If there was ever a more environmentally friendly move to make than water conservation, we have not heard of it.  While proper energy management is important, we are speaking of ways to work with what nature produces or needs to naturally do its work.

Your chipper will also be helpful in keeping those large branches, trees and other chippable materials out of the landfills.  The less of these we have clogging up the landfills, the more room we have for trash that actually needs to be there.  With more room, we have more savings in terms of energy to collect and dispose of further waste.  So, this in turn also contributes to a local and global sustainable effect.  Since you are looking for information regarding a wood chipper, you are familiar with many of these elements about them.  You may only be looking for specific models or prices.  There is a great chipper shredder found here.

Basically, for residential purposes, you are looking for a chipper that can create a nice mulch for your beds, take care of that yard waste and make quick work of all your ‘dirty work’.  Invest in one of these wood chippers and you can get back to what you really want to be doing in no time – like kicking your feet up in your patio swing.

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